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Natal Chart Reading: Marie Curie
November 7th, 1867. Warsaw, Poland

Natal Chart of Marie Curie

Birth time is noted as 12 noon, and looking at her chart for this time, it fits. She has a 10th house stellium (prominent career). With Uranus on the cusp of her 7th house (marriage to an intellectual, possibly a genius); her husband was also a pioneer in the field of radioactivity.

With a Capricorn ascendant, she had her chart ruler Saturn conjunct Venus and Mars in her 10th house of career. These three planets plus her Sun (positioned in her 9th house) were in Scorpio, the sign of intensity. Marie Curie was known for working 16+ hour days in her lab until she was placed in a sanatorium due to radium poisoning, shortly before she died at age 66. Jupiter square Saturn made her a workaholic with great potential for success.

Venus conjunct Saturn brought misfortune and delay in love. She did not marry until age 28 (late for that era) and her husband Pierre Curie was killed in an accident 11 years after marriage. She had an affair years later and was slandered and publicly humiliated in the press even though she was a widow. The 10th house Saturn placement adds to her reputation suffering.

Sun in the 9th house brought higher education and travels far from home (she was born in Poland and lived in France) in addition to educational honors. She won two Nobel Prizes (shared one with her husband). She is the only person in history to win Nobel Prizes in two different sciences. Mercury in Sagittarius made her a life-long student while her first house Jupiter also emphasized education. Mercury square Jupiter adds to her love of education. Pluto in the 3rd house brought obsession with knowledge and research.

10th house: Venus here indicates a very pleasant working environment; she and her husband worked side-by-side in harmony until his death. Mars here is intense ambition and obsession with work (working all day despite having 2 children). The placement of Saturn is hard work and perseverance. With Mercury in the 10th, her father also was intellectual, teaching physics and mathematics.

A Venus-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces, and Neptune in the 2nd house all indicate poverty. Her parents lost their jobs and fortune in Poland. She and her husband refused to patent their method for isolating radium even though a patent would have made them quite wealthy. She also gave away most of her Nobel Prize money to scientific institutions, friends, and family. Her Jupiter placement in Aquarius explains why she did not want to patent their method. She believed scientific knowledge should be free and research unhindered. This placement, as well as her Sun trine Uranus, is also good for individuality and freedom and rebellion. She was agnostic and married in a civil union to avoid religious ceremony.

Transits for life events:

Uranus was transiting her natal Sun when she married. The Sun is a co-ruler of her 7th house as she had Leo intercepted in her 7th house of partnership. Jupiter was transiting her 7th house as well. At this time, Pluto was transiting her 5th house (love affairs), inconjunct her natal Sun. Pluto was also transiting the 5th house when her first child was born.

Uranus was transiting her 11th house (goals) when she won her first Nobel Prize and Jupiter was conjunct her 2nd house natal Moon (1 degree exactly). Nobel Prizes have a monetary component as well. At the time she won her 2nd Nobel Prize, Jupiter was conjunct her 10th house stellium.

When her husband died, Uranus was transiting her 12th house. The 12th house is the house of sorrow, and her natal Uranus was on the cusp of the 7th. Also Saturn was transiting her 1st house, which is the worst time in anyone’s life.

At the time her affair (she was widowed, but in that era it was still taboo) was made public, followed by disgrace, Saturn was transiting her natal Pluto. With Scorpio on cusp of her 10th house, the 10th rules the reputation, she was heavily slandered in the press.

At the time of her death, Saturn was again transiting on a late degree in her 1st house conjunct her Jupiter. Jupiter rules her 12th house of endings. Neptune was in her 8th house (rules death). Neptune rules weakening and poisons and she died from years of exposure to radiation.

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