Why choose me?
I do the chart analysis myself, many websites just do impersonal computer generated inputs and send the data to you in a jumbled-up mess. I put real time and effort into deciphering the charts and presenting them in an easy-to-understand manner. A natal chart is a map of the soul, they are as individual as our fingerprints and deserve the best possible reading.

Professional Readings

Since the beginning of time..

.. Mankind has looked to the stars for answers. Astrology can provide them. A natal chart is a map of the soul, and predictive methods, such as solar returns, show what's in store for the present and future. Let me help you learn more about yourself: your talents, natural skills and abilities and where you shine in life, and also your obstacles and setbacks.

My in-depth natal chart report will give a comprehensive guide to your Self, and includes a diagram showing where all the planets were at the time of your birth and these meanings. I also explain the houses of your chart.

My prediction charts (solar return, lunar return, transits, progressions) will reveal what you are going through currently, and in the future.